How Do Coupons Work?

Coupons are a way to introduce and say thank you for having an interest in our platform. We have a variety of coupons that offer discounts, free goodies, or even participate in giveaways!

What types of coupon codes are available?

Currently, we offer discounts, money-offs, free goodies, free shipping, and exclusive discount coupons.

How can I get a coupon card?

There’s a high chance that your next order will have a random coupon card you can redeem. By subscribing, following our social network, and participating in events or giveaways, you have a high chance of receiving them!

How to apply the coupon?

You can apply the coupon code on the cart of the checkout page. If you have a gift coupon, then you have to add the product to the cart and apply the coupon, in order to redeem it.

Expiry dates

Some coupons have an expiry date, therefore, please make sure you use the coupons in a timely manner before the expiry date. The expiration date is usually visible below the code on your coupon card.

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