Our focus

We want to become a global commercial plastic production platform that aids over-production and environmental impact with a help of 3DP technology in the MaaS market. This implies serving a wide range of functional, unique niche evergreen products for consumers and businesses.

On top of that, we are also building a 3D printing and functional modeling service platform that gives consumers and low-mid range businesses access to 3DP technology in manufacturing products, tools, or prototypes out of plastic. There are no order minimums, or the capital required.

Eventually, you would be able to use this platform for your own product development, white labeling, and e-commerce expansion.

Our current low-level roadmap involves:

  • Being environmentally salient and conscious;
  • Offer functional & reliable quality products;
  • Be dynamic and engage with customer feedback.


Our Differentiation

Our strategy leans on with few key differentiators:

Our core product is a product library aimed to extend a range of niche and evergreen products by contributing to the consumer market. Our core product yields resonating principles to the commercial market, which means that you can use us as an extension to your personal or business e-commerce platform, where we act as manufacturing intermediates. 

Our current philosophy is based on sustainable product manufacturing principles, also commonly referred “on-demand.” We do not manufacture products in advance, which allows us to avoid owning large warehouses, that would otherwise stock excessive amounts of products and take unnecessary space. It also directly reduces the number of resources required to carry all that stock and lowers carbon footprint. 

We only use specific researched plastic materials. It allows us to oversee better the supply of the chain and extend the philosophy down further into other operational verticals, such as packaging, choice of materials, and waste recycling.

Our contribution to the development of the 3D Printing market affects the ongoing traditional manufacturing disruption and awareness of plastic material scarcity and usage, which is important prosperity to a better, safer, and greener world.

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