Business Model

We currently have two active business models. Other business models are going to be included later in the future.

1. Product Library

Our product library is our core product. The purpose of this product was to create an e-commerce platform built specifically for 3D Printed products and list our made-in-house products.

Some of the products would include a 3D model file as well so that anyone can manipulate or print it out for personal use.

Our perspective in product development to have in the library is to include evergreen and niche products, that are unique and provide evidence in FDM 3D Printing technology capabilities.

Community, individuals, and third-party businesses will be able to populate the library with their products in the future & earn royalties, as we continue to develop features for the platform.


2. 3D Printing Service

As our focus is to develop the 3D printing market and consumer space, we offer 3D printing and functional modeling services for those in need for their product development, prototyping or spare part manufacturing.

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