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The stuff we are proud of

Our works


Landscopia – Our very own most remarkable product line. Small, beautiful, modular pieces of landscapes, cities, or other monumental objects scaled down to the palm of your hands.


These pieces are a visual eye-candy, with the purpose of appreciating the natural beauty of the world, as well as for man-made structures.

Worldwide mapping

Carefully selected areas of landscapes, cities, and other man-made structures scaled down to the palm of your hands. 

High percision

These products are made with a new & innovative approach to prototyping and designing.

Available for sale - TBA


Sophisticated drones and drone frames. More information about the brand and the availability is coming in year 2021.

Available for sale - TBA

3D Printed objects

Other un-branded print products are seen below in the gallery. These are prints made on-day basis or for customer models with their consent approval. 

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