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An opportunity for anyone to print their own products, tools, or prototypes out of plastic.
No order minimums or no registration required!

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Material library

PLA, PETG, PA-6 & many other materials

Color library

More than 20+ available color filaments


Careful waste management & support disposal

Why 3D Printing?

The revolution of low-volume manufacturing

The advanced technology in low-volume production and decentralization of production in general, is converting the industry we know. Not only it allows you to quickly convert a digital concept to a physical result into your hands, but also the ability to design, develop and create your own props, toys or parts!

Variety of applications

spare parts printing

Spare parts

Various spare parts that are no longer available or does not exist!

prototype printing


Rapid prototyping to gauge performance before committing to costly production tooling!


Kids toys

Custom accessories, kids toys, keychains, necklaces, fridge magnets!


Custom cases

Making unique cases for any of your electronics is now finally a dream come true!

3d printed parts

Why us?

No order minimums


Advanced fulfillment



We offer printing and modelling services on request.

There is no technical knowledge or expertise required. Anyone can request or ask to make a printing model and get it quickly and cheaply. We determine the settings depending on the usage for the part.

Our technology

3D Printing is an environmentally friendly solution compared to other production processes, especially mass production. The production process is only involved in line with demand, and the raw materials are recyclable, resulting in a reduction in carbon footprint.


Fused Deposition Modeling / Fused Filament Fabrication

Best for most applications



Best for jewelry-grade applications

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