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Custom 3D Modeling Service

MASS PERSONALIZATION of High-Quality 3D Modeling

Need a custom gift, a toy or a spare part?

We provide you a Hassle-Free Custom 3D Modeling service – an opportunity to have your own personalized, unique and unmatched model! We will create your printable 3D toys, gifts, spare parts, prototypes and anything else for different purposes or fields! 

generate an idea

STEP 1 - Generate an idea

Look – we understand you are a hard-working person, but 3D modeling just isn’t your Coffee. Think of something you want but cannot buy it anywhere else!

STEP 2 - Put it on paper

Take a sheet of paper and draw a rough sketch of your ideas & a brief description of your designed design with desirable color swatches. Choose your own most convenient way of describing your idea to us! We support absolutely any type of file format – from a simple picture of your sketch to PDF!

put it on paper
3d printed

STEP 3 - We prepare, print & ship

We contact you with brief results of the potential outcome, adjust it to meet your preferences & then, we print it out and ship it to you as soon as possible!

What to prepare in advance

Inspirations and notes

Start off by giving us details on what you would like us to create. For example, you want a duck toy, a unique cookie cutter or a pen holder.

Examples nearby

If you have a similar object or have inspiration from an image or a photo, you can share it with us by adding it to the submission.

Your sketches and doodles

You can also draw a sketch or a doodle of something you would not be able to physically represent.

Imagine the colors

The last part would determine what color you would like your model to be. Best to pick one color for whole model. Multiple colors are possible, but it would be preferable for more complex models – please keep it up to three!

prepare in advance


Starting from 5 EUR / per model*

*Our custom 3D modeling service costs are determined by the complexity of your requested model. The total cost for this service will be calculated once we reach you via e-mail to discuss the details!

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