About Us

Basically, we design and 3D print amazing things!

Printscopia’s brand is built by the philosophy of 3DP being a necessity in every area. This means that 3DP technology is adaptable for every industry or area, making it a great expansion of development.

Printscopia was launched in 2020 to help solve the problem of expensive 3DP services, making it more affordable for small businesses and individuals without 3DP experience by providing a solution – from idea or sketch to physical assets on your hands.

We are located in Latvia, in the middle of Baltic States of South Europe, we offer 3DP & modelling services on-demand. We are really fond of 3DP technology as such and the solutions it brings in our lives. We really care about the affordability, the consistency of quality and engaged customer relationship.


Expand the opportunities with 3DP technology!


Become a leading 3DP business by offering affordable 3DP solutions!


Disrupt the existing 3DP market by giving an opportunity for anyone!